Hiring Phil Votaw was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Initially, after my car accident, I thought my injuries were minor and I only wanted what was fair. My car was totaled and one of the insurance companies paid for it.

I only wanted the few medical bills to be paid. But over time, it became apparent that my injuries were much more serious, eventually requiring spinal surgery and months of rehab. I discovered that I was not equipped to deal with multiple insurance companies. I needed an advocate.

My husband and I met with Phil and felt immediately at ease.

He said that my job was to recover and he would take care of everything else. And he was true to his word.

I have never worked with anyone who was as caring and responsive as Phil and his staff. They would respond to emails within an hour. Phone calls were always accepted. He always had time for me. Most importantly, I finally felt like I had someone on my side who knows how to navigate the insurance bureaucracy.

When I received a medical bill, I simply faxed it to Phil’s assistant and didn’t think about it again. Phil negotiated with the insurance companies on my behalf.

The final settlement was so much more than I ever thought was possible.

I had never hired an attorney before, except to write a will. Frankly, I was skeptical. But after my experience with Phil, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an advocate. He has an easy going style, but is dead serious about his job.

He was everything I needed after my accident and I am thankful that I found him.